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About Us

Welcome to Coppertop Candles & Aromas. We create handmade, high quality soy wax candles and room diffusers. Distinctively simple with a sophisticated design, that incorporates the brand name (as our CEO is a natural Redhead!) that look special in any setting.

At Coppertop Candles we precisely blend high quality fragrance and essential oils with 100% natural bases, hand-pouring into our unique candle and diffuser jars. We work with natural materials, choosing sustainable wax and cotton wicks for the key candle components.

 Coppertop Candles was created to share the experience of mood enhancing, uplifting candles that create a distinctive ambience, coupled with a whole host of healthy benefits.

I really look forward to lighting a candle at the end of every day to help relax from the mania and stress of everyday life. It’s an indulgent treat to light a candle whenever I need to revive myself.

Long lasting, our candles not only smell amazing when lit, but they also have a fantastic scent throw in a room when unlit too!

Here at Coppertop Candles & Aromas we love what we do.  We hope you will too!

Ceri  xx

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